The term ‘Egress Point’ means a ‘point of exit or escape’ and for the five members of ‘What Escapes Me’, the band is a tool using which, they can escape their mundane daily lives and be who they really want to be. To them it meant coming out of their shells with their music, and so they wanted to give out the general idea that the album is their egress point and the album artwork depicts that emotion, where the man represents the five of them and the portal is its point of egress.

“Egress Point” – What Escapes Me

According to guitar player Arindam Sen, “The album consists of 10 songs and these are the only songs that we have written. It hasn’t been like there were 14-15 songs and out of them these 10 made the cut. These are the songs that we have been writing, performing and perfecting over the years and now it is out. The songs have stories of personal experiences which more or less every one of us go through as individuals, each song has its own flavor and story behind it, for example the song Maze Of Mutual Apocalypse is about our own egos colliding and making things difficult for us to co-operate, while Section 66 is about releasing your anger upon whomever it is that is frustrating you.”

According to them they did not really have any particular group or crowd in mind while making the songs and they just wrote according to what they had been moulded by over the years, referring to the music that they all grew up listening to individually.

What Escapes Me on tour

Arindam states that the recording sessions were interesting as well as frustrating on certain levels. He continued, “It hasn’t been the smoothest ride as far as recording this album is concerned. As most people know that we have been trying to get this album out for a while now but things kept getting delayed due to a lot of issues. This was a learning curve for us as professional musicians as well. There were times we were unable to meet our own deadlines. We finally decided that we had to make things a little more uncomfortable for us and so we finally gave ourselves strict timings. We recorded the entire drums and guitars and bass and keyboard parts at Sayan Ghosh’s ( Guitar player – What Escapes Me and producer and mixing engineer on the album) studio (Studio OUTBOARD). The vocals were recorded at Rhitabrata Kar’s studio (RBK Studio) and we recorded the Indian classical instruments at Blooperhouse studio and RBK studio. The most amazing experiences that we had was while recording the Indian classical instruments. To see amazing musicians like Alla Rakha Kalavant and Prateek Shrivastava just come up and jam to our songs and create such amazing music was indeed an incredible and humbling sight and finally to have had the opportunity to work with the amazing Forrester Savell who performed the mastering duties on the album was also a high point. We were all fans of his work with bands like Karnivool, Skyharbor, Sikth, Dead Letter Circus and we feel he did a phenomenal work on Egress Point as well.”

Whatever emotions one goes through, is always very difficult to make another person relate to unless she or he has had similar experiences. Lyrically they wanted to make their listeners relate to the turmoils, anger, hatred, love, resentment, the most basic of feelings everyone goes through in their day to day lives. To them, they wanted to acknowledge those emotions, accept them and move on, as nothing lasts forever. Sen states, “As far as the sound is concerned, we wanted to achieve something with a proper blend of melody and unpleasantness, hoping not to let one cross into the other but co-exist in harmony, just as we do in our daily lives.”

What Escapes Me

Release date – April 27, 2016.


The Band:
Shourav Kumar Dey – Vocals
Arindam Sen – Guitar
Sayan Ghosh – Guitar
Pradyumna Laskar – Bass
Sambit Chatterjee – Drums

Ustad Alla Rakha Kalavant – Sarangi
Prateek Shrivastava – Sarod
Sudipto Paul – Keyboards

Produced and Mixed by:
Sayan Ghosh

Mastered by:
Forrester Savell

Album Artwork by:
Arindam Sen

Recorded by:
Sayan Ghosh at Studio Outboard

Vocals Recorded by:
Rhitabrata Kar at RBK Studio

Indian Instruments Recorded at:
RBK Studio and BlooperHouse Studio

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