“We don’t play for money, but for passion”, was what they had to say, when asked about the problems that they face while doing independent music, which is far removed from the hullabaloo of the popular music industry. Diego Dessi, the accordionist of the duo, had a single answer to the advantages of doing independent music, “We play the music, we love.”

Les Passants, the duo from the small Italian municipality of Clavesana, in the province of Cuneo, in the Piedmont region of Italy, performs “World Folk Music”, in the streets, cafés and the pubs of north-western Italy. Diego Dessi on accordion and Gianluca Saracco on cello, forms quite a sound to attract people into their performance.

The duo named themselves after French singer-songwriter Isabelle Geffroy, popularly known as ‘Zaz’s’, song “Las Passants”, as that was the first song that the duo played in their style, “…using the cello like a bass”, in some moments of their performance..

Formed in 2015, the duo has no immediate intention to produce an album, at the moment. Rather, they are happy to carry on with their project of busking. Diego and Gianluca adapts folk music from different countries, to fit into their duo setup of accordion and cello. On being asked, whether they have any intention to record in the future, Diego replied, “Yes of course, but not immediately… Probably… We will record during a live performance…”

Presently, they are rehearsing in the studio, where Gianluca is experimenting with a new instrument, which they did not want to reveal. They are also collaborating with another band, for an Youtube video.

 If you are in the north-west of Italy, during the Christmas holidays, you can surely catch Les Passants busk, in the streets. Just look out for a beautiful piano accordion and a deep bassy cello.

~ Shruti Chatterjee
Geneva. Switzerland
Freelance Correspondent

Kolkata. IN

Founder of Friday Night Originals. Singer-songwriter and a fiction and non-fiction writer.